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We specialize in pest control for residential, commercial, mobile homes, and other structures. Pest can carry diseases and cause structure damage. We not only remove pests from your structure but we will provide you with the information needed to prevent pests from making your structure their home.

We Provide:

  • ​Monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly and one-time treatments
  • Customizable options
  • Free insect identification
  • Control of ants, spiders, roaches, fleas, crickets, bees and wasps, rats and mice, gophers, moles, birds and other pests.

With Southwood Pest Control, Pests Don’t Stand a Chance

No matter the season, it is important to keep pests out of your property all year long. And making sure to keep pests out isn’t a one-time service. That’s why it’s important to have regular maintenance and treatments for year-round protection. Contact us today!

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Non-Lethal Pest Control

We specialize in non-lethal bird control, animal trappings and dead animal removals. There are a number of humane rodent control procedures that capture the rodents alive so that they can be relocated and released. The removal of captured rodents should be done frequently and as soon as possible after capture to help ensure they don’t die of hunger or thirst and to minimize stress.

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Integrated Pest Management

We use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques to serve our residential customers in the best possible way. IPM is the most effective approach that we extensively rely on when it comes to addressing various problems concerning pests. We primarily focus all our attention on 3 major methods: Inspecing, Identifying, and Treating.

Our 4 Seasons Treatment Plan:


Springtime is when insects begin to appear and boost their population. With our effective pest control treatment, we will target their population to get rid of them from your property.

Spring Treatment Plan

  • Rid of spider webs
  • Spray foundations
  • Apply baits


During the summertime, the temperature increases and it leads to an increase in pest activity. If the temperature is hotter, the pests will be more active.

Summer Treatment Plan

  • Utilize granular insecticide
  • Apply baits
  • Eliminate spider webs & apply a liquid insecticide
  • Dust exterior foundation


As the insects step into maturity, they begin to seek shelter for the autumn months. What will be the perfect shelter for them than your home?

Autumn Treatment Plan

  • Remove spider webs
  • Dust exterior “hot spots”
  • Apply granular insecticide
  • Rid of rodents (excluding pocket gophers & moles)


In the wintertime, insects hide so they can reserve energy to survive until Spring arrives

Winter Treatment Plan

  • Rid of all interior spider webs
  • Treat all interior “hot spots”
  • Bait kitchen & bathrooms
  • Dust exterior “hot spots” and inside walls


Our service combines advanced technologies and the most effective methods available today. This means that your desire to be pest-free, plans to keep them out of your home and year-round, is just around the corner.

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