It is an open secret that pests love warm places, which is why they invade our homes in cold seasons. 

These pesky organisms start their invasions in the last days of summer and continue up to spring when the weather outside warms up again. 

Here are four effective measures you can try to keep your home safe this winter.


Seal the Loopholes

Identify and seal potential entryways like chimney openings, open drainage pipes, mail slots, pet doors, and attic vents. 

Caulk and steel wool are the most effective sealing materials, but you can also use cement to cover cracks in the wall.

Also, remember to seal around any water, gas, or electricity pipes entering your house and replace any broken or damaged pipes.

It is also likely that the summer heat will have worn out the weatherstripping on your doors and windows, so make sure to replace or repair them as well. 

Some window screens may also need to be replaced or put back in place. Lastly, place some door sweeps under all doors facing outside the home.


Keep It Dry

For pets to survive and thrive, they need water just as much as food and warmth. 

Most winter pests like roaches and rodents will generally live in moist places in your home, like in the bathroom, under kitchen sinks, and in your basements.

Therefore, you need to eliminate all potential water sources for pests within your home. This naturally starts with checking for and repairing any leaks inside and outside your house and covering any holes or containers holding standing water. 

Use gutter guards to prevent clogs in your gutter (which could appeal to more significant pests like rodents). Make sure your drainage is working correctly as well. This starts with ensuring that the drainpipes are not leaky or directing water near the foundations.


Keep Things Clean

Winter pests may come into your home to stay warm but will most likely remain if there is plenty of food.

As such, eliminating all food sources is key to pest-proofing your home. Keep your kitchen counters and sinks clean and dry, and store all your food in airtight containers.

Moreover, clean your dishes after every meal and throw any leftovers in the trashcan. Use a trashcan with a closable lid, and empty your trash regularly to prevent it from smelling and attracting pesky pests. 


Don’t Forget the Outside

While it is impossible to eliminate pests from your compound, you want to keep them as far away from your house as possible. 

This starts with keeping the shrubs and grass well-maintained and ensuring no pet food remains outside. 

If you use firewood, keep it at least 20 feet away from your house, as it could attract entire populations of pests. Most importantly, cut off vegetation limbs or tree branches touching your home, as they can act as pathways for pests to get to and from your house.


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