Gathering and storing food is a practice found in many home kitchens. As we head towards the festive season, these supplies will prove essential. 

However, pantry items such as grains, flour, sugar, cake mixes, nuts, and cookies are also a favorite for pantry pests. Grain beetles, weevils, and Indianmeal moths are the main culprits and will likely infest your pantry if you don’t enforce proper pest control measures.

This post explains what you can do to keep these pesky pests at bay so you can enjoy good, uncontaminated food during the holidays with your loved ones.


Seal All Cracks and Crevices

Prevention is better than cure! Sealing visible cracks and crevices can go a long way to prevent all kinds of pests from invading your home. Most bugs find their way indoors through small cracks and gaps in your walls, windows, and doors. They also nest inside these crevices, subsequently increasing the risk of a full-blown infestation. Since insects cannot survive without water, do not hesitate to repair leaking pipes and clogged drains to eliminate all possible sources of moisture.


Use Appropriate Storage

The type of jars and containers you use to store your food will determine if pests will invade your pantry or not. Grains, nuts, seeds, dry noodles, and cookies are best stored in Tupperware-type glass or plastic containers with air-tight lids. You can also use natural repellants such as bay leaf in dry foods such as flour, wheat, rice, and other cereals. Most pests find bay leaf’s smell unbearable and would rather stay away from the plant.


Inspect Your Groceries

After sealing all cracks and crevices, pests might still find their way into your pantry through infested items brought from outdoors. Grocery bags, plastic bags, and cardboard might carry bugs, larvae, or even insect eggs, so ensure you inspect all food packaging before entering your home. Also, remember to check your pantry before storing any food, as this might help detect a pest infestation before it’s too late. Ensure you dispose of anything infested and clean your pantry regularly to keep bugs at bay.


Consult a Pest Control Expert

Preventing pantry pests does not have to be complicated. However, some bugs are such a nuisance and will always find a way to invade your home no matter what preventive measures you take. The good news is that a pest control expert can help identify the type of pests in your pantry and recommend the best treatment to keep these bugs away in the long term.

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