Looking for a pest control service because your home is so overrun by ants?

Ants can be difficult to deal with and a sanitation issue, so getting the ants out before they all start seeing your home as theirs is important.

Ants are frequently the top pest that United States residents come across. Experiencing your fair share of unwanted house guests? Here’s what you can do to achieve an ant-free home.


Figure out where the ants like to be

Ants love to be near the water and the food, just like humans! That said, it’s probably not surprising that the top place to find ants will usually be the kitchen. It’s got crumbs and water, all of the things ants love. If you suspect ants are inside your kitchen, check it out first and see if this is the main draw.


No more standing water and sources of moisture

Ants need water to live. Getting rid of standing water around the house and cutting back on moisture can make sure ants aren’t attracted to these sources.

Fix leaking pipes, check for moisture under sinks, use dehumidifiers in damper home locations, and make sure your gutters and downspouts are functioning properly and all water is either drained or not left standing in buckets or other containers. This will cut back on not only ants but mosquitoes too.


Do not forget about your pets and their food and water

We love our pets, but we often forget their food and their water could attract pests. Make sure their eating area is always swept and cleaned and that food and water are routinely refreshed and not left out. Ants are attracted to food and water bowls, and if left outside, they can be a huge draw and attract ants.


Clean up everything and make sure there is no food residue anywhere

Ants are attracted to food, beverages, and all food and beverage residue. Deep clean your kitchen to prevent food from calling out to ants to come in. Make sure all food is properly stored and put away, using sealed containers and wiping down frequently to clean any lingering residue or crumbs. A daily kitchen-cleaning routine will go a long way to making sure no ants come into your home. Regularly remove and dispose of trash and recycling.


Reduce areas of access for the ants

Make sure ants can’t get in. Look at your home and do what you can to reduce entry points. Trim bushes and trees away from your house, check for crevices and cracks, and seal them with caulk. Keeping ants out is an effective way to avoid having to contend with them inside your home in the first place.


Contact a professional for assistance

If you’re trying all you can and those ants just keep getting in, call a professional! A licensed pro will be able to help you figure out what pests you’re dealing with, how to keep them out, and how to restore your home once more.

Follow our tips for your best shot at having an ant-free home and contact a pest control service to help you out if you’ve tried everything and nothing is working.

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