Rodents in the home are a home owner’s worst nightmare, and with good reason.

House mice in particular are known for seeking out homes to live in. Their favorite locations include the inside of walls and attics. They are gray with bellies that are usually cream-colored and can be just 2.5 to 3.75 inches long.

Although they look very meek, these mice are actually very hardy and breed very quickly, so you’ve got to get pest removal services into your house or find a way to get those rodents out if you don’t want the problem to get any worse.

Read on to find out how rodent removal services may be your best bet, what you can do if you find rodents in your home, and what health risks they pose. It may not be wonderful to consider mice or rats living inside the walls of your house, but the best thing you can do is be informed and then call the right people if it happens to you.


The Risks of Having Rodents In the Home

A rodent infestation in the home is no cause for celebration. It is important to keep them out or remove them because they are health hazards, spreading disease and carrying harmful bacteria. Any food they touch is contaminated and should be thrown away.

Then there is the pleasant topic of their waste. If that were not disgusting enough to consider, now you get to know that the urine and feces particles can literally go into the air. Time to call rodent removal services as soon as possible.

Worse still, mice inside the home can drop waste so quickly that it can build up inside the attic and walls of a house and will be doing so until a horrified owner discovers their presence and gets them out and their home cleaned up at great personal expense.

Mice can also carry lice, mites, ticks, and fleas with them, all health risks that carry their own threat of bringing disease and bacteria into the home.


What to Do If You Think Rodents Are In Your Home

Suspicious that there may be mice or rats in your home? Check for the signs that they may be around to find out. Look for food that has been damaged or seems to have been eaten. There may be urine stains around the home or droppings. Anything you find like that should be taken seriously. Any sign of waste is a sign that some type of pest is inside your home likely doing lots of damage and posing a health risk to the inhabitants.

If you think there are pests in your home of the mice or rat variety, reach out to a professional so that they can address the rodent issue. A professional company will offer services that can help get rid of the mice or rats from the entirety of your home and restore cleanliness and balance.


Preventing Pests From Getting In

Seal the home so that nothing can get in. Repair screens, screen openings, and vents, and make sure that any holes and cracks are sealed. Repair loose weather stripping and mortar and block off all ways that they can get inside so that they will have much less of a chance of entering your domain.

Be sure to keep your home neat and clean so that animals are not attracted to your home by food on the floor inside or even garbage close to the home. Well-maintained shrubs and landscaping can also help, so maybe take that step and hire a monthly maintenance service if you’re concerned about your plants providing harbor and habitat for mice.


Top Signs You Have Mice

  • There are droppings around that have pointed ends
  • You see paw prints or rub marks in your home
  • Smooth or rough gnaw marks are spotted around the home
  • Your insulation has been burrowed into
  • You see bite or claw marks on your food or food has been ripped into
  • You see one inside the house


Final Thoughts

If you see mice or rodents in the home, contact a licensed pest control company to help you with rodent removal. Pests in your home can be stressful and nothing feels better than knowing your house is back to being clean and pest-free.

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