Summer is a wonderful time of the year, but unfortunately, many times it is also the season where you can expect to see at least a few different types of common insects.

California and the west coast certainly get a lot of insects during those warmer months where the climate can feel downright steamy. Check out these common pests that you may run into this summer.



These are some of the most dreaded insects to deal with. They thrive in properties that have standing water, where eggs can be laid that hatch into full adult mosquitoes ready to suck your blood.

Southern California definitely invites mosquito control to get rid of the reproduction cycle’s vicious circle and reduce mosquitoes by removing standing water.



Other than bedbugs, perhaps no insect is dreaded more than fleas. These tiny insects can soar into the air and can often be tracked in by pets you have let outside, so be sure to inspect them to make sure that no fleas have hitched a ride.

If you do happen to get them, you’ll have to wash everything, from the floors to fabrics and sheets and blankets– and then maybe do it again. If they’re inside and you’re not having any success, you may want to consult pest control to get rid of the infestation.



Ants tend to settle down for the winter, but in the summertime, they definitely wake up. These ants can also trek into your home from the outside and they are always looking for more food.

Chances are that if you glimpse ants in the house, they’re searching for water and food. Sometimes the summer can be dry with little rain, so ants may be roving to try and find that food source. You can reduce the chances of ants coming into your home by keeping your surroundings clean and neat.



A termite infestation is capable of devastating a home and the financial cost to rebuild what was altered by the feasting termites can be enormous.

Pest control for termites is necessary if you find this pest of the summer on your residence or property. They will start a colony once they’ve discovered food. Summer is when termites flourish, so be on the lookout and inspect your property to see if the structure is still intact. Professional treatment of a termite infestation is a must if you are to get rid of them and not suffer terrible damage to your home.



Grasshoppers can crop up in huge numbers over summers, as any farmer can attest to depending on the area they farm in. These insects always seem to be hungry, constantly chewing. When there are a lot of them, they can wipe out crops or a field in just a few days’ time.

The south is where the grasshoppers are going to have a huge effect, especially during hot summers that are excessively dry. They can also make their way through screens, damaging property and then potentially hopping inside your home to say hello.



No one wants to look down and see one of these insects attached to them. They spread disease and are not only going to be abundant during the summer months, but they also are more of a risk because people and their pets are also hitting the outdoors and placing themselves in regions where ticks may be common.

Wear long pants while hiking or in areas of tall grass, avoid walking through tall grass, be sure to inspect yourself and pets for ticks, and go to a doctor if you have bitten by a tick or insect as you will most likely need treatment to avoid getting sick.


Stinging Insects

Stinging insects include creatures such as yellow jackets and hornets, which can really be unpleasant to encounter if they sting you. They’re a risk if you’re allergic to them, and painful if you get stung. Once they’re inside a house, they can quickly build nests in the walls or places like the garage or attic. Seek pest control if stinging insects have made their way into the corners of your house and you need to get rid of them!



Hovering around garbage, flying in from the outside– house flies really just be an unhygienic nuisance. Fortunately, they’re usually easily shooed out the door or fly out on their own through an open window. If your home is dark and you open a window outside to the bright light, they’ll usually be attracted to it and fly outside. While not as bad as some of the insects above, they’re still not fun and should be ushered out of your home as quickly as possible so that they’re not reproducing inside and making more!

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