Springtime is already here with us and this only means one thing – it is time to give your home a thorough clean. In any case, no one wants to live in a cluttered home that does not complement the beautiful blooming flowers and the good weather.

While your to-do list will consist of sweeping and dusting, no deep cleaning routine can succeed without a proper pest prevention strategy. Pests are more than a nuisance and they can pose a serious threat to your home. They can cause allergic reactions or even chronic illnesses. 

With that said, here are a few tips on how to keep pests away during spring cleaning.

Bed Bugs

According to a 2018 survey by the National Pest Management Association, over 97 percent of pest control companies treated bed bugs during their rounds in various homes. Even though bed bugs do not carry any illnesses, they can become a real nuisance and cause a lot of embarrassment in the home. A bite from a bed bug will leave you with red, itchy welts.  

Controlling a bedbug infestation is extremely difficult, so it is advisable to prevent them from invading your home at the earliest opportunity. First, start by inspecting your furniture and the seams of your mattresses for signs such as shell casings and blood spots. If you have pets, inspect their sleeping areas as well. 

In case you are traveling back from vacation, check your bags and suitcases for beg bugs while still outdoors to avoid bringing them into the house.


Even though ticks do not usually attack humans, they still pose a great threat to your health and that of your pets. Ticks carry serious illnesses such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. If left untreated, they can wreak havoc in your home.

Before invading your home, you will find them hiding out in shrubs and tall grass so it is always a good idea to keep your lawn neat and yard well-maintained. If you spot a tick on your pet or on your body, you should remove it immediately to reduce the chances of contracting the above-mentioned diseases. Also, consider wearing long sleeves and pants every time you are outdoors in the yard.


Termites might seem harmless at first but they are a serious risk to your property. These warm-weather insects are known to destroy any wooden items they come across. If given leeway, termites can eat up your fences, walls, and doors and even destroy your home using their saw-toothed jaws. In the US alone, termites usually destroy property worth $5 billion every year, wreaking havoc everywhere they pass.

Since termites love humid and moist environments, you should ensure your crawl spaces, basements, foundations, and attics are well-ventilated and damp-free. This will ensure these pesky insects do not invade your home. You can also use various insecticides and repellents to help keep termites at bay.


Fleas are common in homes where pets like cats and dogs reside. As much as they like attacking pets, fleas can also cause harm to humans. They do not only have irritating bites, but they also carry various illnesses like allergic dermatitis and bubonic plague.

The easiest way to keep fleas at bay is to clean your home regularly. Make sure you vacuum all surfaces and wash your bed linens regularly. You should also groom your pets at least once every two weeks and keep their beddings clean to prevent a flea infestation. In severe cases, investing in flea control treatments can help deal with infestations.


Cockroaches are among the most annoying and elusive pests. They carry various illnesses such as E coli and salmonella, and they are known to cause allergic reactions and trigger asthmatic attacks. 

Since cockroaches usually come out at night in search of food and water, it might take time before you notice that your home has been invaded. With this in mind, you should always be on the lookout for signs such as egg cocoons and cockroach feces. Check inside cracks and crevices for signs of cockroaches.

The best way of dealing with cockroaches is to keep your home clean and moist-free. Do not leave any dishes unwashed and always wipe any spills right away. Also, keep any leftover food in tight containers and vacuum crumbs at the earliest chance.


Ants are similar to termites in that they seem harmless at first but they can cause real damage to your property. But that’s not all. Ants can also contaminate your food and cause serious health problems. 

You can prevent ants from invading your home by sealing all cracks and crevices and covering all openings that are potential entry points for these insects. You should also keep sugar, candies, and other sweet ingredients in air-tight containers. Remember to dispose of your trash regularly since ants are also attracted to decaying matter found in the garbage.


House flies are common around the home and they are usually difficult to control once they find their way into your house. Flies are known to carry plenty of harmful germs and they spread serious diseases and conditions such as diarrhea, salmonellosis, and typhoid.

One of the best ways of keeping flies at bay is to practice good sanitation. Houseflies will not invade your home if you keep it clean. You should keep your kitchen and food areas clean all the time and clear out the trash regularly. All garbage should be in airtight bags to avoid attracting house flies.

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